Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Arabi, Meraux and St. Bernard Parish

Top 100 Trial Lawyer

A criminal defense case should always be centered on one goal - to reach the most favorable outcome possible. At times, hard-hitting actions by a committed criminal defense lawyer from the firm may get the charges against you dismissed. In some cases, getting a charge reduced may prevent incarceration and lessen other penalties you face. The best opportunity for a positive result may be to take your case to trial and work determinedly towards producing a verdict of "not guilty."

Attorneys at the Tonry Law Firm take pride in the success they have had in assisting those accused of criminal acts. If you have been arrested for a DWI, drug crime, theft offense or another crime, an accomplished attorney is a must. When you hire an attorney from the firm, it will be someone who for 3 years in a row has been selected as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the American Trial Lawyers Association.

Favorable results can be obtained in criminal cases but it requires a firm that is strongly dedicated to the task.

Personal Injury Lawyer Assisting St. Bernard Parish, Arabi and Meraux Residents

Personal injuries are sudden, unexpected, and often swiftly change the course of someone's life. If you have been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident by another's negligence, you may have legitimate grounds for a personal injury claim. The firm approaches these cases in a way that is both unique and successful. They do not wait for an insurance company to call to offer a settlement but take the initiative by actively pursuing fair compensation on your behalf.

Insurance companies are known to use various methods designed to reduce the value of your claim or find a reason to deny it. The firm knows these tactics well and that is why they strive to go on the offensive to obtain the financial assistance you are entitled to.

The firm makes it a point to return phone calls within 24 hours and to ensure that your case is resolved by the lawyer you hired, not shuffled off to an associate or someone you have never met. We are honored to serve the residents of Arabi, Meraux and St. Bernard Parish.

Contact an attorney from the firm when you or a loved one has need of committed personal injury or criminal defense assistance.