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Pro-Active Personal Injury Settlements

Claims for compensation can be complex and confusing if you try to resolve a personal injury case without legal representation. An individual injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident or any type of personal injury situation suffers very real physical and emotional pain. It is with this understanding that The Tonry Law Firm takes an innovative approach to resolving claims and litigation. Although others may wait to see if an insurance company will give them a settlement offer, the firm takes positive and proactive actions designed to settle your claim fairly.

Retaining an aggressive Arabi personal injury attorney from the firm allows you to have legal representation from a highly qualified, proven legal professional. Your attorney will be AVVO rated and was selected by the American Trial Lawyers Association as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer. You will also have representation from a lawyer who is committed to promptly returning your phone calls and will stay with you throughout the entire process.

The firm knows how to locate who was at fault in your accident, what is needed to prove their responsibility and how to show that their actions led to your pain and suffering. Armed with this information, their attorneys fight hard to achieve the best possible outcome in your injury claim.

Criminal Defense Alternatives

The firm also provides proven criminal defense for those charged with drug crimes, theft offenses, DWI and other criminal matters. Nearly each day you see local news stories about crime in Arabi and law enforcement is eager to see offenders punished. Prosecutors, however, rarely take on cases that they don't feel are winnable. It is vital that your defense be every bit as motivated and hard-hitting as the prosecutor in your case.

If you are convicted, penalties can includes steep fines, probation, hard labor, loss of your driving privileges, a permanent criminal record and time spent in jail or prison. You were arrested and charged, but with the correct strategic defense actions, it may be possible to avoid conviction. Actions taken early in a case can result, in some instances, with the charges being dismissed. Skillful and persuasive negotiations and a professional presentation of your side of the story may allow for your charges to be reduced. When needed, the firm works to proceed to trial to prove your innocence.

Contact an Arabi personal injury lawyer from the firm if you would like to find out how you can benefit from their proven legal services.

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