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Whether you have been charged with a serious criminal offense or have been injured because of another person, now is the time to seek legal representation. While many people choose to take on the legal system on their own, having a Covington attorney who is seasoned in every aspect of the law is critical to your success.

Mr. Tonry, founding attorney of The Tonry Law Firm, is a dedicated advocate and has built a reputation for first-rate legal service. To schedule a free consultation, call (504) 535-7235.

A Firm Supporter of Your Legal Rights

As a Covington lawyer, Mr. Tonry knows firsthand what it means to struggle, especially when you feel the laws are not on your side. Not to worry! Using his vast insight into both of the areas of personal injury and criminal defense, he can shift the outcome of your case in your favor.

The firm handles the following types of cases:

When it comes to criminal cases, a knowledgeable lawyer makes all the difference. If you are facing a DWI charge or have been accused of a drug crime, these types of cases have very serious penalties. Mr. Tonry recognizes this and can provide fierce, aggressive defense on your behalf. For personal injury cases, he knows the claims process and is prepared to counter any claims made by insurance companies and opposing counselors to ensure your rights are protected.

Get Over a Decade of Experience in Your Corner

With more than a decade of experience and recognition in The American Trial Lawyers Association, Covington attorney, Mr. Tonry, has achieved numerous accolades in his time. With a reputation as an aggressive defender in court and an honest, reliable advocate, there is no case too small or large for him to handle.

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