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Possession, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Trafficking, Prescription Drug Crimes

A New Orleans drug crime defense attorney from The Tonry Law Firm can act fast for your defense, whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony drug charges. There are various defense strategies that could be implemented, and you should have your case evaluated immediately. In some cases, significant doubt can be raised as to whether the drugs in questions were in fact yours.

The firm's independent investigation into your arrest may show that your fourth amendment rights to a legal search and seizure were violated. In some cases, police or prosecutor's mistakes can be taken advantage of to reduce the penalties that you face. There are also incidents where law enforcement will use informants of questionable reliability and their testimony can be effectively challenged.

These and other criminal defense measures require aggressive actions by a firm that knows the laws pertaining to drug offenses and has an established record of accomplishment. When you hire an attorney from the firm, you will be represented by an individual that has been chosen by the American Trial Lawyers Association as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer for 3 straight years. The firm's years of successful practice gives you the opportunity to gain the services of a lawyer who responds quickly to your phone calls and understands what it takes to be successful in your case.

Getting Drug Offense Charges Reduced or Dismissed in Chalmette

The firm's first action, after investigating your case and the circumstances of your arrest, may be to take action to get the charges dismissed. If the charges can be reduced, the firm's attorneys strive to quickly achieve this and thus lessen any penalties in your case. Frequently, drug offenses are linked by a prosecutor to other crimes such as burglary or theft. The firm takes a proactive approach to criminal cases and engaged in hard-hitting strategies designed to achieve results.

In our state, drug crimes are severely punished. Imprisonment for decades, fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, hard labor and more can await those who are convicted. Your freedoms are at risk and the attorney at our firm wants you to have the best chance possible in your case.

If you stand accused of any drug crime, immediately contact a Chalmette drug crime lawyer to understand what can be done to safeguard your freedoms.

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