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If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you will need the services of an accomplished New Orleans personal injury attorney. Regrettably, insurance companies are not always willing to fairly settlement claims for damages in personal injury cases. Certain tactics could be used to deny a valid claim or reduce the settlement amount you should be paid. This can be complicated by the fact that Louisiana is a comparative fault state, meaning the responsibility for an accident can be divided up between each of the individuals involved. The end result is that damages you receive can be reduced by the amount of fault that is allocated to you.

It is vital, therefore, to have determined counsel who is willing to fight hard to protect your rights. This can either be accomplished through strategic actions taken during negotiations or settled in a court of law. When you retain an attorney from The Tonry Law Firm, you will be represented by the lawyer you hired, not an associate. You will also have someone who is Superb rated on AVVO and has been chosen in 2009, 2010 and 2011 as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the American Trial Lawyers Association.

When the firm takes on your motorcycle accident case, they take an approach that differs from many others. They do not sit still and wait for the insurance company to act. Instead, the firm strives to bring your claim to an insurer, pursuing the maximum compensation allowed by law. Experience is an excellent teacher and it has proven time and time again that it is only by the firm's aggressive actions that favorable settlements are achieved for their clients.

Medical Costs and Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, those who ride motorcycles are vulnerable to accidents, especially when distracted driving or a DWI situation makes the rider hard to see. Currently, you may be injured and unable to work, have medical bills that are piling up, and have future medical expenses that are necessary to your recovery.

The firm is committed to taking the most effective legal actions to help you to pursue fair and full compensation for your loss of income, medical costs, damage to your property and your pain and suffering. To find out what can be done in your case, contact the New Orleans injury firm for help.

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