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Awarding Damages in a Truck Accident Case

Louisiana law can make it tough to get the compensation you deserve in a truck accident. The Tonry Law Firm is dedicated to being proactive in truck accident personal injury cases and taking the fight, to the insurance company or to court. When you retain a committed New Orleans personal injury lawyer from the firm, you will be represented by the attorney you hired, not an associate or a person you have never talked with. Your attorney will also be someone who has been chosen as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer for 3 years running and is AAVO rated for excellent legal service.

The laws in our state make it so that the damages you can recover, along with the medical expenses that are paid, will be determined by how much fault each person had in the accident. Despite your certain knowledge that you were not to blame for the incident, a lawyer for the insurance company or a third party may attempt to show that you were, at least, partially responsible. This can result in your medical expenses not being 100% paid for and the amount of any damages being reduced. This is where the firm's aggressive stance and experience can pay off.

How Compensation is Determined

When our Chalmette injury firm is able to demonstrate that you had no fault in the accident, it greatly increases your opportunity to receive full compensation for any loss of income, damage to your property and medical expenses. For some, the firm's attorneys can seek damages for your mental pain and suffering as well. How these monies will be paid and who must pay them can frequently become complex. There are, however, many options that can be pursued so that you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

In trucking, there are multiple factors that can lead to an accident, and the majority of these dangerous and deadly accidents are related to some form of negligence. Incorrect loading, logging too many miles without rest, a failure to maintain the vehicle, negligent safety inspections, DWI violations and other forms of negligence are all too common in the trucking industry. The size and weight of a truck that is operated by a negligent or intoxicated driver can change an innocent person's life in a second. The firm will manage your case with a great deal of professional skill. You can be confident that you are represented by a highly qualified trial attorney that has the experience and skills to aggressively fight for justice and compensation.

If a truck accident has left you injured, contact a New Orleans truck accident attorney to get assistance in pursuing compensation.

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