Filing a Wrongful Death Claim in New Orleans

Our Chalmette Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help You Find Compensation

As the loved one of a person who has been wrongfully killed, you may be searching a way to seek justice against those who are responsible. A sudden loss is never easy to handle on your own, and it is understandable that you might wish to seek justice for what has happened.

It takes a compassionate attorney who can also provide a tough fight for you in and out of the courtroom to handle these types of cases. The Tonry Law Firm can provide exactly that for you. When we determine who responsible for causing the death of your family member or loved, we can then take action on your behalf.

What Are The First Steps?

As part of the investigative process, our Chalmette wrongful death attorney can explore the specifics of the incident to determine how the accident occurred and how the other person was responsible. We cannot pass up any opportunity to discover evidence that can strengthen your claim. This is one of the ways we create a case that can help you achieve the most favorable outcome. You will also need to ensure that your case covers all of the required elements.

These are the main elements necessary for a wrongful death claim:

  • Someone was killed as a result of the accident
  • Another’s negligence was direct or indirect cause of the death
  • Your loved one’s death has had an extreme impact on the lives of you and the family
  • The loss of your loved one has caused undue hardship on the family’s finances

Wrongful death cases can have an immensely devastating effect on one’s finances. Then there are losses that cannot be quantified. Loss of companionship, consortium, and future earning potential, as examples. Your claim may also be used to seek punitive damages, which are monetary punishments that defendants must pay. It acts as a deterrent to prevent these individuals from committing future wrongdoings.

The Pursuit of Justice to Obtain Favorable Results.

New Orleans wrongful death attorney, Cullen A. Tonry, is an experienced lawyer, who has been named a Top Attorney by Avvo with a Superb rating of 10.0 and selected one of America Trial Lawyer’s Associations Top 100 Trial Lawyers from 2009 to 2011. He is committed to helping Louisiana residents find justice by providing only the utmost of legal support. He helps build strong, compelling arguments to ensure that his clients receive the maximum recovery.

If you have a wrongful death case, contact The Tonry Law Firm for legal assistance. We are prepared to fight!