Why You Need The Tonry Law Firm

When you need an attorney, the firm you choose can make a significant difference in the final outcome of the case. Your future will be significantly impacted by the skills of your attorney, whether in a personal injury case, or in criminal defense. You can't take any chances - make sure you have a quality trial lawyer on your side. When you have The Tonry Law Firm representing your interests, you will have an experienced trial lawyer fighting for you. Your attorney knows the legal system, and knows exactly how important the outcome of your case will be to you, your family and your future. He will fight for you - and fight hard, both in and out of court.

Cutting Edge Technology

At The Tonry Law Firm, they use cutting edge technology, allowing their clients to log on and check the status of their case, as well as upload documents, and send and receive messages quickly, either from their home computer or smartphone. No more unreturned phone calls, or waiting for an answer to an urgent question. You will get an answer within 24 hours from the firm. The Chalmette attorney at the firm believes that you deserve a responsive lawyer that takes your concerns to heart. The firm makes it easier than ever to track the status of a case, whether in personal injury or criminal law.

Personal Service

There is nothing more depressing than hiring an attorney, paying your fee and then rarely hearing from them or waiting days, or even longer, for a response. At The Tonry Law Firm, this is not how they operate. You deserve personal service, and that is what the firm delivers. You will meet with the lawyer that you hired, and you will always be given the time and attention your case deserves. You won't be shoved off onto another person to handle your case. The firm takes your case seriously, and you can be confident that you will get a high level of personal service, from the start through to the resolution of your case.

Proven Results

The firm has the experience you want on your side. There is no substitute for real life trial experience. You don't want to be a "test case" for an inexperienced lawyer! Get an attorney fighting for you that knows the system, knows how to fight, and knows how to pursue any advantage possible for you, from the beginning of the case through to its resolution. The attorney serving you is a trial lawyer, and will not just try to negotiate a plea if you are better served by going to trial. There are some attorneys who don't like going to trial, and are poor at presenting a case. At the firm, you will have a lawyer that knows juries, how to present a persuasive case, and has the results to prove it.

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